Q: How much do I have to pay for additional furniture, and what is included?

A: The price for furniture is 30€ per month. The furniture includes a bed, a table, a chair and a shelf.

What is the duration of my contract?

A: All contracts are signed for 6 month or more. For any kind of exceptions, the landlord has to agree beforehand.

Q: How much is the deposit, and when do I have to pay it?

A: The deposit is one monthly rent and has to be paid 14 days before the official contract begins.

Q: What equipment does a student house include?

A: All houses are equipped with a washing-machine and a fridge.

Q: My old contract ends before my contract with Student Housing Venlo starts, and I am going back over the summer. Where can I store my belongings for this time?

A: Most of our houses have a basement – there you can store your belongings before your contract starts. In case, you want to make us of this offer, please inform us beforehand.

Q: Do you charge any administration costs?

A: No, we don’t charge any administration costs.

Q: What are the house rules when I rent a room with Student Housing Venlo?

A: 1) Act corresponding to the standardized cleaning schedule, which can be found as a printed version in each house. 2) Avoid unnecessary noise between 11pm and 7am. 3) Do not smoke in the house – under no circumstances (also not with an open window). 4) Do not block the hallways with personal belongings in order to ensure the necessary safety regulations. 5) Make use of the provided garbage bags for the bin, which can be found in each house. 6) Make us of the provided vacuum cleaning bag, which can be found in each house. 7) Make sure to always return the underground garbage card back to the agreed place in the house.